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Chianti Classico: the original wine territory

Chianti Classico originates in the heart of Tuscany, in a growing zone reaching Florence to the north and Siena to the south. This is the birthplace of one the best-known and most widely appreciated wines in the world, guaranteed by the Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG) certification which is the peak of the quality scale for Italian wines. Chianti Classico, with its distinctive and unmistakeable trademark, the Black Rooster, is governed by production specifications which include a minimum of 80% Sangiovese grapes in the blend for this, the only “oldest zone of origin”, defined in its boundaries in 1716 by an edict issued by Cosimo III, Grand Duke of Tuscany.


We’re in Medieval times, in two encampments at the gates of Florence and Siena respectively. The atmosphere is tense as the two mounted knights await instructions for the contest to set the borders of the two Republics.

The Florentine knight is worried he won’t be as fast as his Sienese counterpart. The next day, at cockcrow, he needs to ride towards the rival city until he meets the Sienese knight. It will be their meeting point that determines the boundary between them.

In the Sienese camp, the advent of the contest is celebrated with bonfires and banquets, with their well-fed white rooster the centre of much attention.

In Florence on the other hand, the rooster chosen originally to start the contest is replaced at the last moment by a black rooster which happened by chance to be in the encampment. The black rooster’s ‘gift’ allowed the Florentine knight to set off much earlier than his Sienese rival, thereby putting him at an advantage.So thus it was that by choosing the ‘best rooster’, Florence was victorious, thereby winning control of almost all the disputed territory.

And this is how the Legend of the Black Rooster began and became an emblem linked to the Chianti Classico region forever.


A cast of actors large (and small!) bring to life a popular tale, a legend known to Chianti lovers worldwide.


This is about a Chianti Legend, born and recounted by the creative genius inherent in its people. Swolly is the communications agency responsible for the production of the film: from screenplay to filming, from costumes to medieval stage set and music.